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Inspiration in Newborn Photography

Inspiration can be found in so many places. I started my journey to professional photography in the UAE and over the next couple of years drew so much inspiration from my friends who were established photographers. Kirsty Larmour Photography, Emma Wood and Chloe Lodge Photography to name a few. Often loving a body or work that was different from mine and still unsure of the style I was leaning toward. 

As time went on, I found that I absolutely loved working with new mamas, capturing them in the precious stages of pregnancy and then again when baby was born. I was drawn to newborn photography and fell in love with it when I mentored with Jillian Greenhill Photography. Her style of photography is so classic and clean, beautifully hand edited images that are perfectly captured for parents and I was so very fortunate to be mentored by her and learn from one of the best!! I am continually drawn to her use of colour and her ability to capture newborn portraiture effortlessly (trust me, it’s a lot harder than it looks!! 😉

As the years have gone by my style has emerged. Using a soft palette of pastels and many neutrals as my backdrop, I’m able to create the images I have always loved and have become my favourites. Soft, light, bright, airy, timeless portraits of baby. Many of my images are nature inspired, I often combine a blend of simple monochromatic set ups with a touch of florals, leaves and textures and draw inspiration from the colours and tones that are in a gorgeous bouquet.

newborn photo inspiration-1

newborn photo inspiration-2

newborn photo inspiration-3

For more inspiration, please head over to see Lynne Harper Photography’s page. She is a very talented newborn and baby photographer in Ayrshire. 

The Sweetest Boys

This baby boy came in to visit a couple of weeks after his arrival. Unfortunately we missed mom’s maternity session as she went into labor the morning we were to be meeting!! Baby arrived shortly after her call and decided to surprise everyone a little early! He was so good for us and we got the sweetest little set-ups for our prop shots. I love the whites, cream, grey and blue combination for little boys, it flows so nicely into a session. 

Are there any colour combinations that you would like to see us use in our baby sessions? Please let me know in the comments below!

After baby’s turn in the props and beanbag set-ups, we had Dad and his big brothers join in. I often suggest for siblings to join in the last half hour of our time together so they don’t have to sit for hours watching baby being photographed. They were both so proud and amazing little ones to work with!! They joined in right away and it was so much fun watching these 3 adorable brothers cuddle and snuggle together. 

If you would like to capture this special time with your growing family, please call Amanda at 250-885-6860 or send an email to Would love to meet you! xo


Macro Newborn Photography

With every newborn baby photo session in my Victoria BC studio, I take just a little extra time to change off my portrait lens for my macro lens, (for other photographers, I use the Canon 100mm lens). With this lens I am able to get right in closely to capture all of those itty bitty eyelashes, lips, fingernails & feathery soft hair. 

To me, it’s those gorgeous little details that make each baby so unique and special-the way their sweet little toes curl, the way they favour a hand by their face, the length of their eyelashes, the swirl of their hair. A little upturned nose or rosebud lips. Each baby is so different and these are the teeny soft details that all mamas want to remember. As your baby grows and changes, these tiny details change so quickly and newborn photography is a wonderful way to preserve those memories. 

What were your favourite little details from when your baby was this small?

Please enjoy looking through a few of our latest newborn session pictures below and then hop on over to Dawn Martin Photography’s page, a fellow newborn photographer in Glasgow to see some of the beautiful macro images she captured this week. 


Maternity is one of my favourite stages to capture

I am just loving maternity sessions in the last few months!! With our maternity special through the website, when our mama’s book their full newborn session with me, they receive a free mini maternity session in the studio!! It is so great to meet before this newborn session, we can plan colours for baby’s session, everyone gets to visit the studio and it is a lovely way to start getting to know each other. 

The maternity stage is one of my favourite times to capture. We usually have mamas in when they are between 34-36 weeks for their pregnancy pictures. Mom is often still moving around quite comfortably and has a beautiful baby bump! 

I wasn’t fortunate enough to get newborn photos done with my owns kids (newborn photography was not readily available here when my kids were born) but I did have maternity photos. Our kids love guessing which belly held their sweet baby selves and I am still in awe of how a mama can carry a baby around for 9 months-our bodies are truly incredible!

This mama’s baby has already arrived and they are coming in for their session this week so I thought I’d better share their maternity images!! She and her daughter had the most incredible hair and this family THE sweetest bond. I loved seeing how excited big sister was for her baby brother to arrive!

If you would like to book a maternity photo session, please give Amanda a call at 250-885-6860 or send her an email to

Maternity-pregnancy-photography victoria

How to Prepare for your Newborn Photo Session

If you’re reading this you may be expecting your little one very soon or are already booked to join me in the studio for a Newborn Photo Session! I always like to make sure that my clients know what to expect before their session, from the location of my studio to tips for your baby in the morning to help us capture incredible photographs. So, with that, I thought I’d put together a few notes & tips that are helpful before you arrive.

We ask that the morning of the session mom and dad bathe baby and have a little playtime, try to keep babe awake a couple of hours in the morning, then dress into clothing that will be easy to remove prior to our session (snaps or buttons on the front works well). It’s best to give baby a full feed at home so there is time for their tummy to settle. Hopefully in the car ride over he/she will fall asleep!

Prepare for your Newborn Photo Session in victoria 1

Firstly, myself and my assistant Nicole, want you to have the opportunity to sit back and relax for the 2-3 hours you are here. Whether it’s sitting down with a hot cup of tea, reading a magazine, catching up on social media browsing or even just shutting your eyes for a few moments, you deserve a rest!!

When you arrive, we have the foundations of your session all set up – as well as a pre-curated set of accessories, blankets, props, wraps and more based on the colour palette you’ve chosen before your session. We’ll take a few moments at the beginning to walk you through what we’ve chosen, and make any minor adjustments needed throughout the session. You are more than welcome to bring your own soothers & change of clothes for baby at the end of the session if that is something you would like.

If baby did not fall asleep on the car ride over and is a little fussy in the beginning that is just fine! We understand that these first few weeks routines are not always yet established and baby has just arrived in a new environment. We have lots of little comforts to help your little one get settled in as quickly as possible. We make sure that the room is comfortably warm and that our white noise machine is on, it works like a dream!

Expect that baby will need to have a feed about half way through the session. This gives you a little cuddle time as we transition from our floor prop set-ups to our pose flow on the beanbag.

Prepare for your Newborn Photo Session in Victoria 2

The most important thing for you to know is that your baby’s safety is our number one priority during your session. In every pose, we make an extra effort make sure your precious little bundle is secure, or has a set of extra hands and watchful eye on them at all times.

We’re all human & let’s be honest – there may be a bit of poo and pee along the way! We have plenty of cloths & wipes and extra diapers if need be. If you’re having family or parent photos at the end of the session, always bring an extra change of clothes just in case things get messy!

If you have any questions before or during the session – we are more than happy to answer and help make this a wonderfully memorable experience!

Hopefully, these notes will help you in preparation for your session. If you would like to book a newborn photo session, please don’t hesitate to call Amanda (250-885-6860) or send an email to

Follow the circle to visit Bumps Baby Beyond & see how they prepare for baby photos and newborn photography sessions in Leicestershire, East Midlands.


Beautiful Baby Girl – Pinks, Whites, Creams and Grey Win Again!

This sweet baby girl came a few weeks early to surprise her mom and dad. We waited a little longer for her to grow and establish her feeding routine at home before she came in for her newborn photo session.

I love how she woke up at the end, completely bright eyed and full of wonder. She just stared at me, completely relaxed, blinked her eyes and didn’t fuss at all!!

The prettiest combination of whites, creams, pinks and grey wins again!! Here is a peek into this gorgeous baby girl’s studio session.

This newborn stage is such an incredible time to capture and have for your memories! If you would like to book your baby’s photo session here in Victoria, please contact Amanda and 250-885-6860 or at

victoria bc newborn picture-1

victoria bc newborn picture-2