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Newborn Photos-Before & After

One of the biggest things that sets us apart as newborn photographers is our editing style. Some love a bold, bright aesthetic, some like a dark and moody aesthetic. I have always gravitated towards a light, serene and airy aesthetic in my finished images. I primarily offer neutrals and soft, muted tones for the studio’s newborn blankets, wraps, hats & headbands. Often they have an organic feel and lend themselves to a soft & classic look in the studio before I even take my images into photo-editing software. 

When I began editing newborn images “by hand” an image would sometimes take me a full hour to edit and the process was very tedious!! As time has gone by and my experience has grown (as well as hours upon hours in Photoshop! ;), I try to get my exposure, white balance etc. as close as I can in camera (I use a Canon 5D-MarkIII). I often take up to 200 photos in a session so the first step is to choose around 35-40 of my favourites. The raw camera images are then opened up in Lightroom, where a few minor adjustments are made and then they are imported into Photoshop for skin touch-ups, any colour balance changes and to put the finishing touches on each of the images before the gallery is complete. 

The other editing work that takes place is the merging of two images together to create one (composite). This is done in the poses where my assistant Nicole holds baby’s head for safety. Newborn safety is our top priority in our sessions, we would never want to leave baby in a position where he or she could potentially startle and not be supported. The pose below shows the 2 images used to create one final image with baby on his little hands. Voila!!

before and after newborn baby pictures victoria BC-4

Then I get to present the finished baby session images (fully edited) to mom & dad in their viewing session. I love meeting with everyone again and seeing how much baby has already changed in only a couple of weeks! This is such a precious time to have for their memories.

I love Jenna Marshall Photography’s sweet newborn images. To see her beautiful editing style, head on over to her page, she is a newborn baby and family photographer based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. 

here’s her link:

before and after newborn baby pictures victoria BC-1

before and after newborn baby pictures victoria BC-2

before and after newborn baby pictures victoria BC-3

before and after newborn baby pictures victoria BC-5


Booking Your Newborn Baby Photography in Victoria BC

One of my favourite steps as a baby photographer is to show parents their images in the viewing session. Viewing sessions take place within 2 weeks of their baby session and I am always surprised to see how baby has already grown and changed so much in that short little window of time! I love seeing families again and we enjoy looking through each of the edited images and choosing the photos they love the most!

As a baby photographer in Victoria, photographing these sweet little ones in their first couple of weeks is not just a job but a joy!! The ideal age to capture this precious milestone is within the first 2 weeks of birth (this sweet baby boy was just under 2 weeks of age). This is when they comfortably go into sweet curly positions and are happy to sleep for a couple of hours at a time. Those teeny toes and tiny fingers and their dreamy little expressions are simply the best!

Mom & Dad receive a prep package before the newborn session with a few helpful hints to help our time go smoothly. I always encourage bathing baby the morning of the session, having some play time and then giving him/her a full feed before they head off in the car to my Bear Mountain studio. That way when they arrive, baby is usually sleeping and we can transfer babe from the car seat right into our first photography set up. We make sure that baby leads us is in the most comfortable positions to use. Some babes love being wrapped, some not so much. Some enjoy being on their backs, others are comfortable on their sides or tummies. Each baby is so different and unique!

For further information on how to book your newborn baby photos session, please email 🙂

newborn baby picture viewing session in victoria newborn baby picture viewing session in victoria bc

How Newborn Photography Came To Me

How Newborn Photography Came To Me

About 8 and a half years ago we had an opportunity to move to the Middle East for my husband’s work. I had traveled a fair amount as a child (my parents and extended family are British) and the idea of a move for a “couple of years” sounded really exciting! A couple months later we were on a plane with our (then) 4 & 6 year old on our way to an incredible adventure. At the end of our first year away, we welcomed our 3rd baby! I loved the time I had with my kiddos, to attend music groups, meet with other moms, adjust to life away from home and help my two older children settle into their new routines. 
Photography had only been a hobby. I had always pursued the Sciences. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, I’d never considered a career in the Arts. I remember my Dad being interested in taking photos when we were little so I first took photos on a Pentax camera he had given me, using film (never really knowing what I was doing but getting “lucky” with a cute photo now and then). We later purchased a point and shoot camera as digital cameras were introduced and a few years after that took the leap to a digital SLR (the Canon Rebel). Fast forward a couple of years and I, like many moms loved taking photos of my own children, documenting their milestones and everyday moments. I also got really into the hobby of scrapbooking and then further into designing scrapbook papers (insert my love of Photoshop) using snapshots I’d taken over the years. 
At this point, I had taken a few family photos for a couple of friends who kept encouraging me to take more. That Fall, the principal at my children’s nursery school asked me to take school photos of each of the children and without a whole lot of thought (jump in headfirst?!), I said “yes”!! With no formal training and really little to NO idea how to use my manual settings, I purchased a backdrop stand, draped a white sheet for a backdrop and got to work! Somehow, that photoshoot was successful and after another parent asked me to photograph a nursery school in Abu Dhabi word started getting out that I could take pictures…somehow the ball started rolling! I continued to take as many photos as I could, branching into desert shoots for families and not only fell in love with photography but grew to love the idea that this could one day be my career. 
Within that first year, I was extremely fortunate to meet an incredible group of photographers, women who had honed their art and took pride in running their photography businesses. One of those photographers was the amazing Jillian Greenhill Photography, who was (and is) an incredible Newborn Photographer in Abu Dhabi. After months of asking (and asking and asking ;), she agreed to mentor me in newborn portraiture!! Let’s just say that after an 8 hour day of shooting 4 newborns, I was hooked. I mean I was exhausted, sweaty, head jam packed with camera settings, lighting techniques, poses etc but excited beyond belief with all the information I had been taught. I REALLY wanted to pursue this!!!
How Newborn Photography Came To Me
 It has taken hours upon hours to learn and develop my photography. Both editing skill & style and then to develop a business I am proud of. Photography is ever changing, the people we meet, the family stories we get to share, the most incredible moments we can join in celebrating. The tools we use, the techniques we hone. I am so happy this hobby has developed into a passion and have never been more excited to “go to work”!!

A m a n d a
Victoria Baby Photographer-Sweet Baby Boy in Blue

As many of you know, as a newborn photographer here in Victoria, BC, we try to have babies into the studio within the first 5-14days after they arrive. This sweet baby boy came to visit us when he was 2 months old as his parents weren’t able to do his session sooner. Honestly, we had such a fun time! He was awake the whole time but oh so relaxed! I loved all of his adorable expressions and smiles, what a gorgeous stage to capture!!

Here are a few of his little set-ups in studio. I really can’t choose whether I liked the light blue or dark blue the most, they have a different look and feel but he really suited both!

If you have missed the first couple of weeks for your newborn session, then consider having baby in when he or she is 2-4 months. This age is so engaging and an opportunity to capture your little one’s personality before they are on the move!!

Sabrina newborn baby picture victoria

Sabrina baby picture victoria

Thank-you!! xo

– A m a n d a


So many moms ask me where they can find the sweet little headbands and bows that I use for the sessions, so I thought I’d share a few favourites! The majority of accessories I buy are handmade, often local makers and offer the most unique styles that I can find! I used a variety of soft and dainty headbands for this baby girl’s session and just love how they add a sweet touch!

A few things to consider when choosing your own:

1. Comfort-there is nothing worse than putting a headband on baby that leaves a mark! Look for soft and stretchy materials that will sit comfortably on the hairline and grow along with baby. These bows from Isn’t She Lovely are some of my favourites and come in a variety of sweet colours and patterns. View Isnt She Lovely XOX headbands on – Affiliate

pintrest newborn headbands photography victoria

2. Size-there is a huge range of “newborn” sizing when you look around at accessories for babes. Most are far too big and overpower baby’s tiny features. Look for a bow or flower accessory that is around 1″ in diameter, that way baby will still be the star of the show. I love Modern Baby’s headband selection for baby as she grows. View the headband selection at

[envira-gallery slug=”etsy-headbands”]

3. Color-one of the most difficult obstacles I run into while trying to source accessories for babies in big box stores is that the colour palettes were often too bright and garish. There were far more options with buying handmade, as makers use natural fibers and soft muted tones. Love the colours on these ones from Etsy – Affiliate

newborn baby in bed victoriaI would love to know your favourite stores to find baby accessories and which of these styles you find the most comfortable for your baby girl!

– A m a n d a

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How special would it be to receive a photoshoot for a baby shower gift?? Um…I would have loved that!! When a friend of this new family contacted me with an idea to gift their friend’s a photo session we got to work planning a date that they could come in. Baby had just arrived and she wanted to take all the guesswork out of the session by booking everything and having them just show up!

newborn baby in a basket

Mom & Dad did get to choose their favourite 2 colours and arrived with the sweetest baby girl in tow. She was such a cutie and already I could see the love they had for this little one, they were such calm first time parents!!

Here are some of my favourites from their session.

newborn baby snuggles in victoria

To arrange a gift certificate for your friend or family member, please call me at 250-885-6860.

sleepy baby pictures victoria

Thinking about booking your newborn baby photography session in Victoria BC? It’s never too early! Newborn baby picture sessions take place within 5 to 12 days after baby’s birth. It is best to contact me early since my calendar fills up quickly. It is suggested that you book your newborn photographer at the beginning of your second trimester to guarantee room on their calendar around your baby’s estimated due date.  I look forward to taking your precious baby’s photos!

– A m a n d a

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