I sometimes wondered how the changeover would go from sunset sessions in the heat of the desert to the rugged Westcoast with a reputation for rain more days of the year than not. I was pleasantly surprised when the month of August gave us more sunny days than rain. For this maternity photo session I met Meghan & Sean at the Esquimalt Lagoon. We had a lovely evening together chatting and walking along the lagoon, casually taking pictures along the way. It was a perfect pace to observe where the sun sets at this time of the year and to talk about the exciting time ahead for them both.

Recently I was reading Daniela Ingals blog post about finding the “perfect” backdrop. She is a lovely newborn and family photographer in Munich, Germany. What we both realized is that there really isn’t a “perfect” backdrop for pictures. It is so much more about the journey of the couples or family we are photographing and about their story in whatever beautiful location we’re able to find along the way. Trees and general greenery provide a perfect filter for the sun here so I’m excited to explore as I go and meet all sorts of wonderful people along the way!

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